Why buy Refurbished Furniture?

I woke to frost and icy windows this morning and after putting the heating on and brewing a cuppa decided that rather than painting some furniture in the workshop today I would stay indoors and write my first post, a good excuse to stay warm.

I am really excited that I have finally been able to launch “With a Little Bit of Love”. This summer has been a fantastic journey for me taking me away from the comfort of a reliable job in London to setting up this company. For as long as I can remember I have loved interior design, a home that feels like a home and the idea that something I own is unique and that I won’t find in all my friends houses too.

You can’t help but notice the increasing trend in “upcycling” or “refurbishing” over the past years, through TV shows, the internet etc. Some of this has been due to the economy, where it is generally cheaper to upcycle than buy new. However, for me and many others it is more than this, it’s about saving landfill but at the same time being inspired to turn something unloved or old into something that looks new and seeing the transformation. I was surprised to learn that:
“A staggering 10 million items of furniture are binned every year and clearing up the household goods that Brits throw out on the street costs the economy a whopping £33 million a year”.

I am really proud of the furniture and home accessories that I have refurbished. It has been a labour of love, with time and effort put in that I would expect if I was buying the products myself. The products hopefully you will agree are something a little different to that which is readily available on the high street.

If you have any ideas of what you would like to see please let me know I am always on the look out for new stock and inspiration. I hope that those of you who do buy any of my products will agree……………they have been made With a Little Bit of Love.
It is time for that second cuppa now so until the next post…. stay warm.